1479 SQ. FT. (WANDA)


1. Wanda sent me a great sketch and a letter of explanation and I converted them to this plan. It may or may not be what she had in mind, but I like it. A three section rectangular plan, two bedrooms and bath on the east, kitchen, utility and 1/2 bath west, with a large living area in the middle.

2. Another great symetrical plan with the archway to the bedrooms centered and lined on the optional fireplace which divides the living area into two zones. (The fireplace could also be in the south/east or north/east corners.) Two large bedrooms with large closets, two linen closets, the door to the bath centered on the arch with a shower, tub and outside window.

3. Wanda wanted a large country kitchen separated from the living area for privacy and zoning. The "L" shaped kitchen with island is large and efficient. Opps, forgot the pantry, but it has a lot of cupboard space. Wanda plans to put in shelving rather than cabinets to save money initially. And the built in desk (shown), could be used as a pantry, or put a pantry in the garage through the optional door to garage as shown.

4. One major change I made from Wandas plan...she had the kitchen on the outside walls...I always try to put the kitchen on inside frame walls for the following reasons: a. much easier to attach cabinets (and shelves) to straight frame walls with studs. b. Much better to have all plumbing in interior frame walls...you don't want vents, water and waste lines in the straw bale walls if it can be avoided. c. Why cover those beautiful straw bale walls...we want to see them...appreciate them.

5. Note the efficient plunbing wall between the kitchen, the utility room and the 1/2 bath. Does't get much better than that...except that the other bath is a mile away. There are always compromises...thank God I'm not a purist...I would't like any of my plans. And in the full bath...all fixtures are on inside frame walls...all plumbing in interior walls.

6. The rear door is centered on the 1/2 bath wall, thus does not break the integrity of the north living space. The large utility room is also a storage room as per Wandas instruction. The 1/2 bath, roomy and pleasant, is accessed from the utility room, providing good privacy from the living area.

7. Furnishing the large divided living area will be challenging and rewarding...I did't even try. Consider using the area near the south entry as a small green house...or you could have two or three interesting furniture groupings. Lots of open wall space for books, art, furniture, whatever...it works for me. An attached gargage on the west side works well, protecting the house from the late afternoon summer sun, winter winds, and with good access to the kitchen through the optional door.

8. I have some ideas for roofing this thing, but will get to that later after I've have a chance to draw 'um up. This plan could be cut down in size a bit, but this is about the size that Wanda wanted. Obviously, the large kitchen and living room could support more than two bedrooms, so if the 1/2 bath were a "full" bath, an addition with one or two bedrooms, could be added out the rear door.


comments: This a great plan, but I may be partial as Wanda is my sister. I can understand the need for the large kitchen as we are a family that loves to cook and eat. The southern end of the LR could be used as more formal dining if needed. (We have a large family). I love the utility space as mine is in a space about the size of a closet. Also, the separate shower and tub. This plan would be ideal for singles or smaller family. Great work, Wanda and Robert!

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