This plan evolved from plan 1850 above. Vicki decided to add a partial finished basement (1000 sq. ft.), as a potential rental, a large loft with walkout deck (to the north), and to enlarge the green house across the entire south face. (Vertical zoning will make this a much better house as one zone (level) will always have near perfect conditions for a particular season.) For better solar performance, we lengthened the east/west axis, and turned the roof to put the gable ends on the North/South for deepened sun penetration, to elliminate those pesky skylights, and to greatly improve ventilation.

We extended the carport to the west to make room for the water (preheater) and photovoltaic panels on the roof...hidden from the street. The low 5/12 pitch on the main house will not shade the electric panels...and only partially shade the water panels in the early morning.

The north elevation at right shows the walk out deck serving the loft. The large double doors (working with the matching doors on the south gable), will help flush out excess heat generated by the greenhouse. A low straw bale wall extending from the carport contains the back yard...the patio above shields the entry.

(Note) My scanner will not accept the full size north and south elevations...thus the cut off...soon I will learn to scan them in in sections.

The west elevation at right indicates how the width of the plan (32'), has been reduced to improve solar performance. The roof pitch on the carport has been set at a reasonable angle for solar performance, without moving too high up on the main roof (aesthetic consideration). The roof line over the south gable extends two+ feet (will be determined in the field), to shield the high gable windows from summer sun (an eyelid will protect the lower windows). Note the door protected by the carport leading to the basement...which is also accessed from inside the house.

Want to see the floor it is. The entire 56' south face is green house...stepping up two steps to the living, large home theater (with fire), master bedroom with bath. Take the spiral staircase up to the huge loft or the stairs on the north wall down to the 1/2 basement (1000 sq. ft.) which can be a rental. Note the outside staircase with the entrance protected by the carport.

The primary option will be an adobe wall fully or partially separating the living areas from the greenhouse. This will be constructed as needed...after the occupant has lived in the house long enough to evaluate the need for additional thermal mass storage and the need for separation between the two spaces.