Straw Bale Construction
Northern Light

The concept of "Straw Bale Construction" is controversial, with thoughtful, well meaning people holding widely differing opinions. As the physics, metaphysics and culture of housing is complex, with many subtle design compromises required, this information is presented as a starting place, to generate interest and discussion.

A great site with a high quality introduction to Straw Bale and other natural building methods is, the Blackrange people and Katherine Wanik. The primary source for straw bale information of course, is The Last Straw.

I stumbled into straw bale construction while I was living in Tucson in late l989 (I think). I saw a notice in the paper and attended one of Matts first Straw Bale slide shows at the University of Arizona. Matts had a bunch of great slides, a scale model with tiny little straw bales, and of course, gave a great presentation. As a result of his years of hard effort spreading the work (you know the story), the Straw Bale movement is where it is today.

Then somehow I met Jon Ruiz and Hesh (at church I think) and David Eisenburg, and some of the other movers and shakers, and was able to attend the wall raising out at Mary Diamonds place. From there I did my best to keep up with the run away S.B. train and decided to concentrate my efforts on designing small, efficient Straw Bale house plans.

Their is a ton of information out there on straw bale...go to Catherine Waniks place (above) for good links and the straw bale classics, or run a search at the top of this page.

Please, if you have a perspective, comment or information that will add to this feeble introduction please send them along and I will include them here under your byline. Thanks, Robert.