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(9/16/04) James, Made the changes you asked for and some you didn't. 1. Low walls ( 3 foot),all around open to below, (that was my intention from the beginning). 2. Moved closet door for master bedroom 3. Larger arch in living area. 4. Added some interior straw bale walls. R Note, that the stairs could be moved two feet back from "front" of house for more room in "living area", and less in upstairs utility and bath. R
(9/6/04) James, Here is the second draft. Quite a few changes, and I think improvements. Most changes around the kitchen and nook, and hopefully have included all the specific changes you asked for. R
James, the conversion worked out pretty well. Obviously you did your homework. Here is the first preliminary for your review. Robert. Note that the outside dimensions are to the golden mean
10,10,04, James here is the basic foundation layout, post, beam and truss locations. Get with your people and see if we are on the same page. Thanks, Robert.