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Sept. 22. Made the changes you requested and did another version below, that is better balanced as another option. Let me know what you think, Robert.
Ann and Roger, Here is first draft of your desire for a rock wall based "hippy" octagon. It is based on 14 foot outside walls (18" wide) with a total inside floor area of just under 800 sq. ft. Of course, it can be made smaller or larger with same basic plan. For some reason, I have closed off with doors the common areas from the bedroom/bath areas but they are optional. The plan could be build with a "reciprocal roof" as suggested in the elevation (I do not yet know what direction is south), or with a simpler peaked roof as suggesgted in the floor plan. Robert
10.13.04 Ann and Roger, Here is update with lounge changed back to octagon shape, and with updated south elevation. Check it out and let me know where we go next. I am back at office working daily. thanks, Robert.