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(feb. 9, 05) Toni, Here is the first draft of the Green plan based on the smaller version. I was not able to do it exactly to your request, but I think it worked out very well. I believe it is a a good idea to have small windows facing all four directions, more is gained with light, air, view, than is lost through thermal considerations. Make the windows small, well insulated, and shielded from the outside from direct summer sun.

Also, I do not think it is a good idea to put a closet on a straw bale wall. It is not necessary for thermal reasons, and it covers the beauty of the straw bale wall. Note that with the clearstory windows, a plant shelf works out well as shown. As currently drawn, the south facing windows are about 17 percent of south face area, and about 13 percent of floor area. Let me know what you think, Robert.