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Jan. 14, 2005. Larry. Here is first preliminary of your version of the 750 square plan. Note: 1. Basement garage doors facing south, with storage room, utility room and stairs up. 2. Main level with one bedroom, bath, kitchen, living area, stairs down to gagage, spiral stairs up to "loft". 3. Open loft with walkout balconies east and west. 4. Gable roof with south side for solar panels (not shown). 5. Did not show south dormer, may not be room for dormer and solar array. Ready for first review. Thanks, Robert

Jan. 22, 05. Larry, Here is second draft. 1. Stairs moved inboard for headroom requirements upstairs. 2. Upstairs plumbing wall for easy/inexpensive plumbing. 3. Low headroom north wall for closet (hanging) storage and chest storage in bathroom, with pass-through door 4. Shed dormer on south side allows full use of roof for solar panels and good south solar gain, light, air. 5. Dining table centered on south windows for effect. Let me know what you think. Remmember, this is a process, I anticipate changes. Thanks, Robert