1250 SQ. FT. (STUDENT)



1. This is a straight forward rectangular "four bedroom" plan with a twist. The twist is the diagonal separation of the living area from the kitchen area, and the unusual corner bathroom and utility rooms. The effect is novel, unusual and effective, I think.

2. The plan is democratic (that's why I call it Student), as the four bedrooms are the same size and shape and large enough to house a study desk. A flaw is the one bathroom, as we know our students are spoiled and must have at least one bath for every two bedrooms. The utility room could be another bath, with the washer, dryer, hot water heater, and boiler placed in a utility closet on the north wall. The eating area and the bookshelves would then be smaller.

3. With a floor to ceiling or half wall, the separation between the kitchen and lounge area can be complete or minimal depending on your preference. Note the "window" over the kitchen sink, allowing the dishwasher, to look out the front windows, enjoy the fireplace, watch T.V., or talk to those in the living area. For complete separation, add a door in the hallway.

4. With bunk beds, this "apartment" could house 8 students in relative comfort given the good zoning and separation. Or a small family could use one or more south side "bedrooms" as an office, guest room, library or work room. The living area is unusually charming, with the centered entry door, corner firplace and build in seating with storage under.

5. This may be a better house build as 937 sq. ft. without the west two bedrooms. You would have two bedrooms, one bath, utility room, large kithcen/dining area and large separate living space, all with the option of an addition to the west for more bedrooms, a studio, gagage or whatever.

1990 SQ. FT. (STUDENT)

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