1210/1550 SQ. FT. (FLORENCE)

e/w elevations----- n/s elevations

1. This plan is a variation and improvement on plan 1205 RANCH above. I named it FLORENCE for Florence who called me and wanted the 1205 RANCH plan but with changes. The requested changes were:

a. Substitute 18" two string bales for the 24" three string bales and eliminate the entry inset.

b. Use bales in the south wall, rather than frame. These changes cancelled each other out leaving a net interior increase of 20 sq. ft.

c. Increase the size of the office to be used as a larger work/play room. Eliminate the north wall to increase usefull space, reduce "hallway" and allow light to penetrate to the back wall.

d. Create one large utility room to include a full bath with shower.

e. Reduce the size of the shared living area to accomodate the above changes.

f. Move the fireplace to the corner as shown.

2. The result, in many ways, is a better house. The kitchen is a little smaller but has good proportions and works fine. The island is turned the other way and has room for fewer bar stools. The living room grouping works better around the corner fireplace. It still has a nice entry and a good circulation pattern.

3. This house will accept a gable, hip, clearstory, shed or "flat" roof with parapets. Florence wants a "cathedral" gable over the great room with the gable end facing south for more passive solar, with the remainder of the house covered with a standard gable running east/west. Note the door to the west out the dining area for very convienient access from an optional garage. Florence plans to start with the base house and add the garage at a later date. She also plans to add a deck out the front entry door and maybe another out the sliding glass door to the north.

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