1202 SQ. FT. (RANCH)


1. This plan is a minor exception in that it is not a heavy symetrical design but a ranch house with the bedrooms on one end and the living areas on the other. I guess the reason there are so many ranches out there is because they work. But this is a ranch with a twist as the long wide sensuous central hallway is dramatically lined on the enormous fireplace on the far wall. The other end of the hallway most likely will end in a large wall mirror reflecting back the cave like symetry to the open expanse of the living areas.

The plan is basically two square boxes of the same size laid out on the east west axis, the bedrooms in the east box and the living areas in the other...another nod to symetry. I show the two baths on the north wall but they may be better on the south side where they will recieve that warming winter sun. Bathrooms generally have more exposed thermal mass than bedrooms, to store solar heat.

This version shows two large bedrooms, each with a large walk in closet, and a smaller office. It could just as easily be three bedrooms, one master bedroom with a walk in closet and two somewhat smaller bedrooms. Notice the master bedroom has direct access to one of the bathroom, the half bath housing the washer and dryer.

2. The living areas share one large open space, again a large square shape with a recess for the entry. The kitchen is a large efficient "L" shape with a large curved island (and "bar" stools) and a separate dining nook. The lounge area (as well as the whole house) focuses on the fireplace. A door on one side of the fireplace leads to the garage or studio, an entertainment center on the other side. A large planter separates the formal entry...with display space and a coat closet.

3. Note that unlike my other plans, the emphasis here is on large. This plan could be drawn substantially smaller and still work fine...in fact I am going to sit down now and redraw it at about 1000 sq. ft. Add a gable roof or a hip or a clearstory or a shed...they would all work fine, even a flat with parapets, depending on your tastes and the amount of complexity and expense you are willing to deal with.

4. We have an opportunity here to compare two very different house plans that share the exact same interior space (in square feet). This plan and plan 1202 octagon above are both basically three bedroom one bath houses with a large open shared living area focusing on a large fireplace. The similarities end there. Study the two, compare the two, by clicking HERE, and draw your own conclusions.

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